totally spaced. dude.

A brother visit.
Mellow dude.
Perfect weather.
Kinda spaced.
Sat and watched a skinny old folky train hopping guy play some songs. I saw this guy on church street a month or two ago but didnt stop to watch him play. I had been thinking "where is that rad old dude with the white scraggle beard and hand tattoos?" Finally saw him. Sat for a while. He is from Arkansas. He's been hopping trains for 45 years. He wears really foggy, nearly bottle capped glasses. He's got a random placement of teeth. They bounce around his face as he sings about the dark foothills in his mind and the shoes that the devil gave him. I dont think he's messing around. Real deal. He went on about the neurological disorder he has. He showed me his thumb he lost in a steel mill in Wisconsin when he was a teenager. Hes seen a few things in his day no doubt. Such a neat/great character. Makes me really happy to live in sf.
Also, this nice yuppie dad and kid were sitting with me watching. They were loving it. And the guy handed his guitar over to the kid to see what the kid could do.